Why Choose Tom

My name is Tom Lichtenberg, Elk Grove and Sacramento Realtor for over a decade providing professional real estate services! Buying Agent and Selling Agent.  

In 2006 when the real estate market turned and transactions suddenly became very complicated the real estate industry witnessed a mass exodus of agents leaving the business.  With the flexible hours and the easy money all but gone, suddenly selling real estate for a living felt like “real work” and many agents said the heck with that and moved on…

As a native resident of Sacramento and Elk Grove for 40 plus years my commitment to my past and future clients as well as the local Elk Grove Real Estate market is lasting.  In mid to late 2005 I started getting calls from past “happy clients” who were now “distressed homeowners” with upside down or negative equity properties, people now owed more than their homes were worth…  This was not a good feeling for anybody and it was immediately clear I needed to acquire additional knowledge about distressed properties and foreclosure alternatives for my past and future clients alike. I needed to be prepared with options and strategies for how to help my clients when buying or selling distressed properties. 

In 2006 I listed my first Elk Grove short sale.  At that time even the staff at the short sale bank didn’t understand how a property could be successfully sold when the balance owed on the mortgage(s) amounted to more than the property could actually sell for.  And I thought for sure the folks at the bank would know how to coach me through the process…no way.  I was still bound and determined to get the best possible results for my sellers, which in this case, was to successfully exit home ownership through an approved short sale.  So, I pressed on with the bank and after many months of frustration, a great deal of persistence, and many lessons learned I had successfully negotiated approval letters for the short sale and the property then went to escrow and the sale closed 31 days later.  

My seller was so incredibly happy and relieved to no longer be stressed and burdened by debt she simply couldn’t afford, she actually wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug.  That moment inspired me to seek education and knowledge to help distressed homeowners with foreclosure options any way I could.  I began attending foreclosure options training courses and seminars conducted by accredited schools and servicing lenders, obtaining designations/certifications such as CDPE, PSC, HAFA, and more. 

Now it’s 2011 and I specialize as a Elk Grove and Sacramento Short Sale Agent with career experience in Loan Modifications, Short Sale Negotiations, Broker Price Opinions, Bank Owned Homes, and HUD owned properties.  Whether you are currently in default with your lender or feel you have financial trouble just around the corner consulting a Short Sale Agent is step one.  See if you Qualify to Short Sale Elk Grove. I can help you evaluate your Options, Timelines, and Strategies.  When dealing with a distressed property knowing ALL your Options is critical, understanding the Timelines of foreclosure is crucial, and Strategies need to be carefully considered by a qualified professional.  I have experience working with homeowners at all stages of distress and can help you with evaluating your Options, Timelines, and Strategies.  Whether your goal is to keep your home or to gracefully exit home ownership through short sale or deed in lieu I am available to consult, guide, and advise you on foreclosure alternatives.